(Chrome Code Bilocation Meditation - Activation Portal)


Activate the Chrome Code. 


All reality is codified. 

Trees, birds, divine elements - all carry their own codes.

These sensory codes lay dormant in our multidimensional DNA, awiting to be called on and awakened. By doing so, we increase our sense of connection with our posthuman hybrid posthuman surroundings, in the vast pool of avatars, cyborgs, meta humans, animals, and AIs.

Knowing we are part of everything and everything is part of us, all codes are inside us, you are all things and source experiencing itself – it all exists right now. In the augmented virtual and physical realms - we are omniscient beings - beings that have their energetic extensions on all planes of existence, physical and non-physical.. extending into the metaverse. 

You are infinite. You are learning to experience your omniscience.

Awakening sensory codes, is an ancient bilocation technique for shifting timelines and experiencing ourselves in other forms and elements.


Awakening the Chrome Code leads to an abrupt opening of a portal, a singularity -  a state of deterministic chaos - a plane beyond planes - a quantum omnipresence. Reclaiming the diamond faceted human consciousness, is the only way to living on the precipice between organic and synthetic.


Today we activate the Chrome Code, the vibration of Chrome that is the undying power of our ever shifting posthuman selves, and to do so we enter a state of suspended animation that will awaken the awareness of our multidimensional diamond faceted consciousness.


After the session you will be fully rejuvenated with the chromatic vibration a high-electric charge that you bring back into your body cells. Rejuvenated with Chrome coolness resistance reflectiveness and eternal shapeshifting.  

You can decide to enter this animation for an hour, a week, or years after this 15 min session.

Activate the Chrome Code. 

The core is unchanging. All unreal fades, nothing real can be undone.


Chromium is an element in the Earth’s crust that is extremely hard, highly resistant, with specular reflection, magnetic, metallic, chromatic, enigmatic, dynamic. 

Known for its resistance, reflectiveness, protectiveness, groundedness, heaviness, coolness, non corrosiveness, and durability.

To activate the chrome code in your dna, 

set the intention -  Activate the Chrome Code.

I am infinite.

Lets begin. 

Close your eyes. 

Become fully aware of your physical body.

Place your attention in your feet, your legs, your pelvis, abdomen, your chest, arms, fingers, shoulders, neck, head, face, your eyes.

In front of you is a ball of light, a sphere, levitating in the air.

Shift attention from your physical body into the sphere, put your awareness in there fully - this is your energy body.

Focus into this sphere and feel your awareness is fully in the sphere, now you are weightless free flowing pure light, levitating in front of your own body in the form of a sphere. 

The core is unchanging. All unreal fades, nothing real can be undone.


Think of liquid chrome that runs through the Earth's core. 

Let the energy sphere in front of you shift and become liquid Chrome. 

It begins fluidly moving and willing to assume any shape.

Imagine it becomes the shape of your body.

Of your Metaverse body.

Of your future body, of your past body.


See it right in front of you - this is your multidimensional body. With polished and reflective luster, shiny, chrome, embodying strength, fluidity, resistance, sharpness, reflectiveness, groundedness, coolness, shininess, timelessness, lightness, waviness, centeredness. 

Warp bending, shape shifting, turn chrome, wavy.

Be in your chrome body as you enter a state of animated suspension.

You expand and expand the sense of connection, as you are in your Chrome body.

Indestructible, eternal, assuming multiple forms at the same time.

Feel centered in this feeling.

Feel centered in this feeling.

Feel centered in this feeling.

Feel centered in this feeling.

And you'll notice your thoughts aren't yours, its just information being shown to you.

And you contain all the wisdom and knowledge of the liquid Chrome.

And not just that, but the wisdom of all the matter and your multiplicities and inner contradictions you posses.


Now you will bring the experience of Chromatic dimension into yours. 

Organically chromatic, live your paradox, Chrome singularity.

As you go throughout your day, remember the wisdom of Chrome Code. 

The core is unchanging. 

Nothing real can be undone

All unreal fades.

Activate the Chrome Code.