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Chrome Code meditation. 


Activate the chrome code. Live your paradox. 


Today you come forth to reactivate your multidimensional body and enter a state of deterministic chaos.

We begin to live our paradox and embrace all our multiplicities. 

We become aware that all reality is codified, and different codes lay dormant in our multidimensional DNA. 

Every element, being, animal, has its own code laying dormant in our DNA - fire earth air water metal birds trees. As we learn to activate different codes in our dna, we shapeshift through different timelines and increase our sense of connection to everything around us. 


Today we activate the Chrome code, the vibration of liquid chrome, and to do so we enter a state of suspended animation that will awaken the awareness of our multidimensional diamond faceted consciousness.


Activate the chrome code. 

The core is unchanging.

All unreal fades, nothing real can be undone.

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