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Transcosmic ritual


Extrapool Nijmegen

May 2019

Duration: 30 min


Transcosmic ritual - Investigating human augmentation and enhancement through ritualistic means.


At the start of the performance, the audience is offered powerful anti-inflammatory and cognition and perfomance boosting supplements.


During the ritual, we call for radical reclaiming of human spirit within the augmented universe, imagining how we become augmented humans. Augmented human is an entity with potentially awakened savant-like skills, paranormal abilities and transcendental experiences. Augmentation is achieved through pharmacological methods, genetic engineering, tools for cognition and bodily enhancement, causing a radical increase in spiritual abilities.


We’ve all come here with the same curriculum - to become who we really are and unlock our full potential.

Project is supported by Extrapool Nijmegen, The Netherlands, curated by Danielle Lemaire.


Sound design and music: yEs!yEs!

Costume design: Anouk van de Sande

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