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Solo exhibition

Roodkapje Rotterdam



Performance by Agnes Momirski combines costumes, sound, voice and movement. 

The performance takes the form of a meditation session, guiding the viewers to visualize of a post-work future. Critically reflecting on the current emotional, spiritual and wellness industry, increasing notions of emotional support tools, the quantified self, and digital transcendence. The guided narration employs two voices in mutual interplay, experimenting with sonic, linguistic and vocal registers, to soothe the audience into a relaxing visualization of a mimetic and intuitive coexistence in a digital future.

The performance happens in an multi-media installation space designed by the artist, where objects (animistic pillows resembling comfort companions, wellness beds and meditation pillows) in the exhibition space allow the visitors to rest on them and hug them, and immerse themselves in sonic and vocal resonances and spoken word utterances. The space contains visual projections, sound, meditations, and other stimuli, and is a space of experimentation with visual, sonic and spacial design elements, simulating a sensual healing place and a resurrection of alchemical archaic knowledge in a techno-world. 

​Made in collaboration with sound artist Jesse Perlstein (NY) and vocalist Margje Ottevanger (NL).



Performers: Agnes Momirski, Margje Ottevanger, Isis Cruz, Jesse Perlstein (sound)

Filmed by Niek Hage

Audio post: An3_at

Roodkapje Rotterdam, 2018


The soundtrack playing in the exhibition space, made in collaboration with Jesse Perlstein.

Today we're going to join a global movement towards happiness and emotional healing.

Our consciousness will begin expanding in all directions of time and space,

intuiting rather then thinking, listening rather then talking,

and begin perceiving time vertically rather then horizontally,

to establish a connection with all animate

and inanimate beings in techno kaleidoscopic mimesis and techno-telepathy. 

On this journey we embrace empathic understanding and depart into

a world of wellbeing where dreams are not interrupted by pervasive

alerts and work demands, where minds can interconnect fluidly in telepathic awareness,

where our prophetic visions and intuitions can flow freely,

and our knowledge is exchanged instantly.

Through the semi-permeable membranes of this techno-world

we transcend and become aware of ourselves as vibrational sonic luminous energies

that are part of a large global consciousness.

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