Meta-trixx Couture / Trixxster wear

MetaTrixx couture  - or, TRIXXSTER-WEAR - is inspired by biomimicry and optical illusions. Garments are made with digital prints and padding, warping the bodily silhouette - a treacherous camouflage on the precipice of embodied internet.

MetaTrixx couture presents 3 garments - second skin bodysuit, second skin high-weisted leggings, and trixxster alien scarf with/without padding.

The bodysuit and leggings are made of high-quality, breathable and stretchy sport lycra, comfortable to wear all day. Due to the stretchy lycra material, the bodysuit and leggings come in 3 sizes and fit a wide variety of body types - S, M, L. The scarf is made of saten fabric, with 3D print and padding, and signature siXren logo.

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Meta-trixx Couture / High-weisted leggings

Meta-trixx Couture / BodySuit


Meta-trixx Couture / Scarf