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//// Polymorphic ritual ////

Cirkulacija 2


“Polymorphism, in biology is related to biodiversity, genetic variation, and adaptation. Polymorphism usually functions to retain variety of form, and results from evolutionary processes.”


In 2020, the material body becomes the very site where trauma, transformation, technological innovation, and evolution conflate. The body biology is the focal point of our evolutionary and existential concerns. Especially in times of crisis, it is imperative to consciously embrace our polymorphic powers of self-transformation, on all levels - the molecular, spiritual, social, and emotional. We are ever-evolving beings, and our conscious energetic focus changes not only the symbolic, but also the corporeal nature of our reality.


Polymorphic ritual is a multi-sensory experience, focused on topics of metamorphosis, transformation, and mutation in relation to human consciousness and (technological) embodiment in times of crisis.


Polymorphic ritual marries rituality with future mindedness, bringing forth the awareness of human transience - in body and spirit. The ritual is an interactive experience, enabling deep listening and participation in ritual methods. Earth’s rhythm, breathwork, and guided imagery, invite all participants to somatically and emotionally call forth their supernatural and more-than-human powers to create an integrated future. 


The rhythmic ambiance aesthetically links techwear, electronic noise music, reintroducing ritual sensibility in the evolution of our techno-embodiment. The ritual thematically narrates the notions of personal and social transformation, the history of consciousness technologies and theoretical models in neuroscience, and their role in our technological world.

Employing performative approaches using costumes, sound, voice, smell and movement, the ritual is a collaborative project between artist Agnes Momirski, artists Tatiana Kocmur and Liza Šimenc, sound artist Marko Batista, and costume designer Brina Vidic.

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