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//// Polymorphic ritual ////

Audio journey - performative ritual lecture & guided breathwork

In 2020, we are at a critical contagion of change. The material body becomes the very site where trauma, transformation, technological innovation, and evolution conflate. Polymorphic ritual confers the deep post-anthropocene yearning for in-depth self-transformation. The survival of our material body depends on returning to a sensibility for (material and spiritual) metamorphosis, allowing us to attune our nervous systems into an encompassing ecosystem.

Polymorphism, is in biology related to biodiversity, genetic variation, and adaptation.

Polymorphic ritual audio journey, is an informative sonic travel narrating the history behind the human project of self-transformation and evolving human consciousness, drawing from neuroscience, rituality, and psychotechnologies – these are systems for a deliberate change in consciousness as described in the book The Aquarian conspiracy. The narration contains spoken word, rhythm, and guided conscious breathwork.

This project involved making ritual garments as essential to the way we designed movement and audience participation and how the body was addressed in the performance text. Rethinking use of fabrics for body enhancement and the symbolism associated with it, in relation to language/rhythm/movement that makes us part of oneness with nature.

With Brencha we created these 3 special garment pieces, combining body augmenting and enhancing fabrics with ritual elements. The garments were the essential part of this ritual focused on physical metamorphosis in the times of crisis.
Tech-wear fabrics, that are water resistant, protective, get combined with long belts that swing around the body for trance inducing effect and tribal symbolism.

Spiritual and ritual inner work becomes a path to not just healing but evolving and enhancing the human race. The thin line between body healing and enhancement becomes blurry, as we stand on the precipice of the embodiment turn and increasing body awareness in all fields - from fashion to science.


Concept & Narration by Agnes Momirski
Music by Marko Batista
Mixing advice & mastering by Vida Vojić
Costume design by Brencha
Photography by Sara Rman

Polymorphic ritual performance was performed at Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana, on 28th of August 2020, full duration 50 minutes.

It took place in a space with three concentric circles drawn on the floor for the purposes of the ritual, and the audience stood on the circle lines. During the breathwork and countdown part of the ritual, the audience was instructed to move slowly alongside the circles drawn on the floor, resulting in a pleasant meditative state.

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