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Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, visual director, writer and performer, based in Rotterdam and Ljubljana. Her work and research explores the human condition within the global technological context, especially in the realms of digital culture, the Metaverse, hacking culture, social media, and pop culture.

Through a post-humanist lens, her work departs from a deeply embodied practice rooted in voice and language, seeking the links between nature, the posthuman, embodiment, rhythm, inner work and healing, creating multimedia visual, music and sound collaborations across disciplines.

Agnes creates educational courses, visual content, research articles, pop music, and sound performances.

In 2019, she co-founded Specter, a research umbrella for interdisciplinary events and artist collaborations, together with Georgia Kareola.


Her performance siXren (Verbum medicinae) has been performed on more than 20 occasions internationally. 

Her work has recently been shown at Momus Thessaloniki 2023, Worm Rotterdam, Kanaal 40 Amsterdam 2023, Impakt Utrecht 2021; MGLC Ljubljana 2020; Roodkapje Rotterdam; Singularity now at EDAF 2018; The Wrong 2017; Kiblix 2017; Prospects and Concepts, Art Rotterdam 2018; Tent Rotterdam, De Pont Museum, Museo Alicante, and others.

She won the Liquid award by Motel Mozaique 2019, was a recipient of Young talent award by Mondriaan funds in 2016, Squeeze online award 2016, and in June 2017 she was nominated for Tesla award by Mota Museum.

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Stemming from the embodied perspective, I examine sense perception and participation through language, voice, speech, and storytelling. My works are shaped by performative approaches using voice, body and music, spoken word and immersive elements such as scent and light, and accessible technological tools. 


Technological progress is seeing the complexification of human relationships and communication, and the break down of separation between organic and inorganic, human and nonhuman, animate and inanimate, temporal and eternal. Human nature is at crossroads, and we’ve come to seek models of transformation, at every level: molecular, biological, personal, cultural, spiritual.


Meditating on the transitional nature of human nature and human experience in the posthuman world, my spoken word performances, rituals, readings and musical experiences, explore the effects of storytelling and language, over a spectrum of music and performative genres. I am interested in the crossovers between healing storytelling and popular and urban music, and the contemporary deconstructed music experiences. For human consciousness is deeply affected by language and sound, and language is deeply woven into our perceptual participation with the world around us. New insights into the nature of consciousness return us to the poetic metaphors of traditional cultures or arcane traditions, to ceremonial and transcendent sensual living. Continuously more aware of our liminal nature in symbiotic relationship with technologies, we seek for new models of self to find new participation in the collective unconscious. 


The posthuman subject is the “transitional human”: “someone who by virtue of their technology usage, cultural values and lifestyle constitutes an evolutionary link to the coming era of posthumanity.” I like to believe that as humans we’re becoming supernatural, enhancing, re-engineering ourselves, and in order to do so, we have to revive to the alchemical world view* or the more-than-human knowledge of the earth to sustain a humanity in the future. Hence, I believe that inner work and arcane traditions have a large role in the process of reengineering of humanity in the future, towards overcoming our genetic destinies and cultural conditioning. 

Within the context of human progress, my interests span from human optimization, care politics, wellbeing, mindfulness commodification, to how the virtual embodiment increasingly influences our earthly soul experiences. I use accessible digital tools such as Instagram, and AR, 3D, to explore new soul and perceptual experiences in digital space. The merging of our spiritual and digital (and other) selves, are new configurations of posthuman subjectivity, redefining our participation in the world and breaking down the Cartesian construct of what a human is.

(*Morris Berman, The re-enchantment of the world)

Agnes Momirski

Currently living in Rotterdam, NL 

Born in Ljubljana (Slovenia)



2012-2014 Royal College of Art, Sculpture MA, London, UK

2011 (Autumn term) Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK

2008/2012 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL

2007/2008 Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana, SLO


Solo Exhibitions & Projects

2022 .04 Chrome Code, online audio-visual journey

2022 .06 MetaTrixx, research project

2020 .08 Polymorphic ritual, Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana

2020 .02 siXren, MGLC Svicarija, Ljubljana

2018 .04 DIGITAL DAWN, LUMINOUS VOICES, Roodkapje Rotterdam

2017 .11 VALA (part1&2), KIBLA, Maribor (Kiblix festival for intermedia art)

2017 .06 VALA (part 1), Kino Siska, Center for urban culture, Ljubljana

2016 .04 Clairvoyant humans, Tower of intermedia art, Kranj, Slovenia

2015 .09 OBVSNSS, UAUU Gallery, Ljubljana

2015 .03 Affinit, Poligon, Ljubljana

2013 .06 Communication device, De Pont Museum, Tilburg

Group Exhibitions

2022 .12 Now talks, Maaspodium Rotterdam, Curated by Peerke and Music Matters

2022 .06 Lente Kabinet, Metatrixx live performance 

2021 .09 Weird Gnosis, Impakt online exhibition

2021 .08 AXS art, Amsterdam

2021 .07 HOR, music performance

2021 .01 Preserving machine, Digital Artist residency x Implied gallery, online exhibition

2020 .12 Physical intimacy, online exibition

2020 .07 ADAF 2020, Technotribalism, Athens digital arts festival

2020 .06 Virtual Cocoons, Specter

2020 .06 Time Framed #5, Mono Rotterdam, siXren performance, curated by Leonie Gores

2020 .09 Festival Racka, Galerija sodobne umetnosti Celje

2019 .11 IMPAKT festival, VALA screening

2019 .09 The children of the space - Libra season guided meditation, curated by Anastasia Loginova, Today's Art festival

2019 .06 SPECTER, V2_Lab for unstable media, VALA screening

2019 .05 Wellness and Oppression, VALA screening, New York, curated by Kara Rooney and Eva Davidova

2019 .05 Trans-cosmic ritual, Extrapool Nijmegen, curated by Danielle Lemaire

2019 . 04 Libra full moon, Motel Mozaique festival 2019, performance ritual

2019 .02 Vala screening, Borgerstraat studios, ART Rotterdam weekend

2018 .11 KONTRA festival, Performance ritual, with Nala Brown, Rotterdam 

2018 .10 The circuit of overthinking - the circus of it girls; by Mette Sterre; Kunstverein Hamburg, Germany

2018 .09 Reunion exhibition, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

2018 .06 RED PACK, Roodkapje Rotterdam

2018 .06 Chains of consumption, curated by Milica Jovicevic and MINT Art

2018 .05 SINGULARITY NOW, Athens digital arts festival

2018 .02 Deep Trash Romance, Cuntemporary, London

2018 .02 Prospects and Concepts, Mondriaan fonds, ART ROTTERDAM 2018

2017 .11 The quickest path via, The Wrong, Digital art Biennale 

2017 .09 Arte Concordia, Rotterdam (curated by Karin Arink)

2017 .02 Borgerstraat open studios, video screening & Artist talk 

2016 .12 Radar, Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana

2016 .11 Winterwolven V, Arminius, Roodkapje, Rotterdam

2016 .10 Digital Big Screen, International video art festival, Trbovlje

2016 .04 RCA Secret, London and Dubai

2015 .11 The Others Art Fair, Turin, Italy

2015 .07 Contemporary fashion illustration, ShowStudio Gallery, London

2015 .07 Two hundred acres, Pump House Gallery, London

2015 .07 Fluorescent, Soho Arts Festival, London

2015 .04 EAC 2015, Museo de la universidad de Alicante, Spain

2014 .09 Fluorescent, Soho Arts Festival, London

2014 .06 SHOW RCA 2014, Battersea, London

2014 .06 CKOM, Ram foundation Gallery, Rotterdam

2014 .03 RCA Secret, Dyson building, London

2013 .11 SHOWcabinet Maison Martin Margiela, SHOWstudio Gallery, London

2013 .09 Inf. Ins., Leeszaal Rotterdam West

2013 .03 RCA Secret, Dyson building, London

2013 .02 WIP show, Kensington, RCA Interim Exhibition, London

2012 .11 Middle land, RCA drawing exhibition, Birmingham

2012 .06 WDKA Graduation show, Fenixloodsen Rotterdam

2012 .05 Inside the house, Kunstpodium T Gallery, Tilburg

2012 .05 All you have is your body, Kunstinzight Rotterdam

2012 .03 Goethe-Institut, Rotterdam

2012 .02 Film/Video/Sound Event, Picture-This, Bristol

2010 .10 Perfect strangers, Tent Rotterdam



2017. 11 Shelters of babylon, Kiblix festival 2017, Maribor

2017 .10 The quickest via pavilion, The wrong

2017 .11 Vala, artist publication, Rotterdam

2015 .07 Two hundred acres, exhibition catalogue, London

2015 .04 EAC 2015, exhibition catalogue, Spain

2014 .06 Royal College of Art, Sculpture 2014, London

2013 .11 Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2014, Rotterdam

2013 .07 5 Jaar Leerling/Meester project in De Pont, Tilburg

2013 .04 Leerling/meester exhibitions 2012, Tilburg

2012 .06 Repeat+Unreal=Reality, thesis publication

2012 .05 Inside the house, artist publication accompanying the exhibition

2007 .05 Ruins of the essence, book of poetry, published by Gimnazija Vic


Writing & Curatorial work

Magazine columns:

2018 - ongoing - New Edge Magazine (SLO/UK) 

                           Bi-yearly printed column on arts&technology

                           (in English)

2016 - 2019      - Moje zdravje (SLO) - Health magazine

                           Monthly column on arts, digital tech, and health

                           (in Slovenian)

Curating initiatives:

2019 - Specter - umbrella for curatorial initiatives, with Georgia Kareola

2017 - Round table conversation at Kiblix festival 2017, Ljubljana (SLO) -

           Digital princesses and cyborg princesinitiated by Agnes Momirski,

           with Dunja Kukovec, Ida HirsenfelderOlja Grubic, Puck Schot.

2017- ongoing Video program curator at IGNOR festival, monthly art and literary events in Ljubljana, Slovenia


2021 - Willem de Kooning Academie, kerndocent / senior tutor - Autonomous practice

Artist talks & lectures

MetaModern, May 2022, curated by Thom Hammer

Fold London, Bio-Hacking with Language, August 2020

MGLC Svicarija, January 2020, curated by Miha Colner

Architectural Intelligence and Multiple Ecologies - Lecture by prof. Thomas Mical, University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Culture Studies, Poland - discourse with Takaharu Tezuka, Agnes Momirski, curated by dr Małgorzata Kądziela/PhD, December 2020 link here

Specter, sharing circle dialogue, V2_ Lab for Unstable media, Rotterdam 2019

Kontra podcast, artist interview, November 2018

Day of the young artist, curated by Youri Appelo, De Pont Museum, 24.9.2018

Artist talk, Anxious city festival, Rotterdam Art And Radio, 2.9.2018

Vala, artist talk, Prospects and Concepts, Art Rotterdam, 9.2.2018

Vala, artist talk and exhibition finissage, Maribor, 8.12.2017

Conversas, Rotterdam 2017



2021 Droom & Daad grant - Chrome Code project

2021 CBK Rotterdam, O&O grant, MetaTrixx project

2019    Liquid award, Libra Full Moon performance ritual, Motel Mozaique 2019

2017    (nomination) Tesla award, among 5 nominees for an interdisciplinary artist, Mota Museum, SLO

2016    Squeeze award online 2016, Trieste Contemporanea, Trieste, Italy

2016    Werkbijdrage Jong talent, Mondriaan fonds, The Netherlands

2015    (Special mention) Autofocus 7 Art Competition and film screening at The Others Art Fair, Tourin, IT

2013-14 Prins Bernhard Scolarship, Cultuurfonds, The Netherlands

2012-14 Grant for studying abroad, Ministry of Culture, Slovenia

2011-12 Huygens grant for international students, NUFFIC, The Netherlands

2009-12 Grant for studying abroad, City Hall of Ljubljana, Slovenia


2020 .01 - .02 Svicarija residency, Ljubljana, Slovenija

2018 .08 Digital artist residency, curated by Tom Miles


2017    Dateagleart, Commissioned video art work, December 2017

2017    Sontag Shogun, music video, Young Bloods 


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