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By Agnes Momirski    

(The Spell for melatonin secretion is an outcome/contribution for Mary Maggic workshop on
Hacking the molecular, Second Nature Lab, NODE forum for Digital arts, 2021)

This is a spell for reclaiming the pineal gland function, a small endocrine gland in the brain, which produces the hormone melatonin*.

Due to pollution, noise and general toxicity, pineal gland calcifies and lays dormant, which prevents melatonin secretion that is linked with consciousness expansion and communication with the non-human world. This spell aims to decalcify our pineal gland, awaken it, and reclaim natural melatonin levels to prime the body on the molecular level for clairvoyant and spiritual experiences in the post-anthropocene age.


*(Hormone melatonin builds immunity, regulates circadian rhythm, cell protection, and is responsible for moods, aging, spiritual experiences, sexual development. Drinking one's morning urine ('amaroli') is a traditional practice of the yogic religion still widely performed. Melatonin comes as a supplement as well, but in many countries its not sold over the counter. Pineal gland becomes calcified and melatonin secretion is blocked due to fluoridated water, noise, and processed foods. Exogenous melatonin is linked with enhancement of the physiological prerequisites for mediation (decreased body awareness (i.e. analgesia) and claimed slowed brain wave activity and heightened visualization ability)).


//////// Ingredients:

0.3 dl of morning urine /


10 mg melatonin pills /


sage /


purple candles


//////// Timing: 

20 min in the morning to begin the spell / sundown time to conclude the spell


//////// Space: 

Prepare the sacred space with sage: make a protection circle around you with sage smoke, turning three times in a circle around your body. If you wish, chant OM which is associated with the third eye chakra, or put on an OM chanting Youtube track. 


//////// Spell:

Gather your morning urine, which has the pineal hormone melatonin in significant quantities. Consume the midstream only - this means that you don’t collect the “head” and “tail” of the stream. Drinking the first morning urine restores plasma night-time melatonin levels. 

Sit down in the sacred space, and drink the morning urine. Take two melatonin pills, extra strength and fast dissolve, 10 mg in total. As you take the melatonin pills, repeat (as many times as you like):

My vision is clear. 

It is safe for me to see clearly. 

I am open to insights. 

I have a deep sense of knowing. 



Sit down in a meditation position. Do the Pineal gland breath technique: 

Breathe in, imagine your energy moving from your pelvis region into the top of your head. Hold the breath and contract the muscles in the pelvic floor and the upper abdominal muscles. Try to hold this breath and contraction for 10 seconds (or more). Release the breath and make the sound “aaaaaahhhh”, if you so desire. This pushes the cerebral liquid from the tailbone towards the pineal gland, and activates it. 

Do this for 15 minutes.


At sundown, gaze into the sun for 15 min to additionally decalcify the pineal gland. 

Repeat (as many times as you like):

My vision is clear. 

It is safe for me to see clearly. 

I am open to insights. 

I have a deep sense of knowing. 



So be it, so it is.


Repeat daily.


the Spell for melatonin secretion is not medical advice, it is an artistic project aiming at spreading awareness and inspiration on ways to combine ancient and scientific practices and approaches, and to rethink how our bodies (and bodily knowledge) are suppressed and controlled by political & environmental forces. Have fun and amend it to your personal preferences.

Please consult your doctor before starting classical urin therapy or take any melatonin related supplements.

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