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Digital animation video

commission for Dateagleart, London 

January 2018



Focus is a state of complete concentration and clarity.

Focus is necessary.

Focus is the easiest when you have a focal point,

a pink flame to stare into and quiet your mind.

Focus is a state of no procrastination,

when action can flow easily amidst the swirls and winds of digital dust.

Reaching states of complete focus has never been this easy.

Focus is a state of levitating in the vast cloud of digital dust and fractal joyfulness.

Focus is sustained effort to live in bodily incarceration, while gazing into the digital eye.


Focus inwards. Don't do anything for 15 seconds. The fire purifies your stress.

Focus is a state of general healing.

Focus is a state of surpassing digital incompleteness.

Focus is a way of healing the mind to achieve complete alignment and a state of digital silence.

Reaching states of complete focus has never been this easy.

Focus inwards. Take a deep breath. Calmly observe the image.

Do not do anything for 15 seconds to purify your stress.


This digital happiness is spreading into the indefinite.

No effort is ever necessary for the fire to burn and burn.

Enjoy the freedom of the bright flame and realising you need not do anything.

Finally after all these years of deprivation of your analog self find a state of complete serenity accessible instantly.

The glow of your iPhone illuminates the digital dust bouncing off the happycoins in your digital wallet. Reaching states of serenity is easy.

Focus is a state that needs to be maintained at all times.


Focus inwards. Do not do anything for 15 seconds.



Performance text, excerpt

from the group exhibition Chains of consumption, curated by Mint art and Milica Jovicevic

June 2018



For centuries, the main goal of humanity has been to reach eternal happiness and wellbeing, ultimate divinity, prosperity and harmony.

Hashtag – global healing, nano-computing and alchemical sublimation of self.

Hashtag – evolutionary achievements, exoskeletons, super-intelligence.

Today we're going to pave a path to reaching this divine goal, by detoxing our bodies and minds, our astral, mental, emotional and physical bodies, to prepare for a divine and cosmic illumination and wellbeing in the future multiverse. In Deep transcendence of self, our consciousness will begin expanding in all directions of time and space, to establish a connection with all animate and inanimate beings in techno kaleidoscopic mimesis and techno-telepathy.

Since happiness and wellbeing are dependent upon our biochemistry rather then career achievements and material possessions, we will begin tuning into the intuitive, empathic and mimetic coexistence to prepare for the next evolutionary step in human consciousness.

Begin detoxing. 2000 calories a day and 40% to your beach body. Heart beats per second, protein and carb intake, mass gainers, astronaut food, B12, gelatin capsules, protein data processing, emotional support, virtual therapists, zen training, and controlled nutrition.

Soon we're going to become Planetary super-organisms, Our nutrients will be connected chemical networks aimed to nutrition a large neural network of hyperconnected super-humans., the purpose of food becomes to awaken us into a new realm, alter our biochemical balance and electromagnetic waves that are our thoughts, and expand our silver auras into infinite cosmos. we keep a tight reign over the purity of our nutrients we intake, to enable us reaching our full human potential, to enable opening up communication channels we never before thought existed, enable cosmic anonymity, and depersonalization and enable the unity of our minds and purposes. Our physical bodies are cocktails of hormones and our desires are products of our chemistry, and we had to learn to become independent from our organic context and abstract ourselves into the realm of immortal and divine selves and binary codes.

Hashtag – zen says you should be come like water.

Hashtag – new edible Kenzo collection.

Hashtag – organic lab grown protein.

We are bound within this organismic skin-bag, which contains 70% water, always online and shifting dopamine levels and wifi signals and communicating through techno-cultural wormholes created when we call each other. Affected by food and water toxicity, e-data, internet, unverbalized thoughts, planted ideas, antibiotics, fake news, fake love, energy vampires, we connect in nano-spaces, search for digital soulmates, a sense of what true love feels like is fading out of our system, in our alienation and emotional malnutrition and digital starvation, there's a lack of nutritious empathy and compassion to satiate our all spiritual and emotional needs.

The New nutritional systems are connected over chemical networks. Follows. Illumination. Liberation. Sublimation. Eliminate all emotional, spiritual, physical Starvation. Malnutrition. Alchemical transmission. Doesnt need permission, through nutritious transcendence intuition and premonition, trust, let go, no more prohibition or imposition of official thoughts.

Begin detoxing.

To prepare to enter new nutritional networks, let's detox ourselves from toxic ideas, negative energies, drama, pollution, e-waste, human parasites, damaging relationships and betrayal bonds, self-sabotage, our psyches safely eliminating all that has been lingering in our DNA for centuries, and become ready to be ready for the next evolutionary step and the joining in with new nutritional networks, as one large global mind. All together, united. First we cleanse the body, optimize all body processes, decontaminating our thoughts and chakras, and finally reengineer our minds and bodies for everlasting pleasure. For bliss, immortality and happiness, embarking towards the stillness of the inner being as we prepare to experience the eternal.

in this multiverse, we attend lunches dressed in edible kenzo or givenchy kimonos. Before each meal we receive a 3d printed raisin to help us connect with the nutritional networks, to travel inwards where the source of all nutrition is, into the deep workings of our body cells and the cosmic energy flowing through them.

Then we eat icecreams with uppers and Veggies that taste like fine sugar and in between bites we breathe in the air with detox herbs from a bottle filed in the Canadian mountains. Whatever I feel you feel. The starter is followed with 3D printed raviolli with added branched aminoacids and microdoses of LSD to open our heart chakras and purify our silverish auras, interstellar protein for muscle gain, powdered freshness, powdered fluorescent love sprinkled on the 3d printed textures that drips from your lips in noospace, loving multiverse, and we splash it down with Wine brewed in an algorithmic vacuums of fractal joyfulness for kaleidoscopic experiences. Happiness is here, as we connect in techno-telepathy. Feel it with me, as it's nano robots in gelatin cubes and shaped as fluorescent cultured muscle grown from stem cells. Ethically consuming the ethical food in ethical environments.

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