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Film; 2017/18

Running time: 14 min


The Vala film experiments with the linguistic and vocal registers of female voices that are used in interfaces and AI development. Vala is an AI who takes us on a hypnotic mindfulness journey, during which her instructional voice begins intertwining with her sensual voice.
The name Vala comes from Nordic mythology, where she is the female shaman, and from Blake's mythological poetry, where she's the representation of nature.

Focusing on the archetypal female roles and their representations in fashion and technology, the film juxtaposes the androgynous female voice of AIs and the inherently emotional/sensual characteristic of a female voice. Vala shows a path towards a future where the new human consciousness rises from a marriage of contradictions, and is characterised by the movement towards the self rather then the ego, the new harmony between the virtual and physical, digital and analogue, reason and intuition, man and nature.

Project is supported by Mondriaan fonds, The Netherlands, and Ministry of Culture, Slovenia.

Credits and collaborators:
Cast: Yuliya Molina, Brina Vidic, Ana Marija Garafol, Giovanna Rados
Crew: Sanjin Švajger, Rajko Bizjak, Bor Kiswarday
Fashion design: Janja Videc
Singers: Aileen Painter, Brina Vidic, Giovanna Rados
Voice: Harmony Pilobello
Music and sound design: Jesse Perlstein
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