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is a portal into the siXren universe. Making space for dualities and multiplicities, for listening to hunches that make no sense. Today I want to reactivate my multidimensional body and enter a state of deterministic chaos. A singularity. An image by M.C.Escher. All reality is codified, and different codes (fire earth air water metal birds trees) lay dormant in our multidimensional DNA. Shapeshifting is a practice where we activate a code, and summon it into existence. Being part of one intelligence. Impossibility is my favourite timeline. Impossibility is a challenge I want to bring you on a silver platter victoriously. You think I’ve changed, but nothing changed. Ever. The core is unchanging. All unreal fades, nothing real can be undone.

Activate the Chrome code.

Activating the Chrome Code is connecting with the essence of Chromium, which is connecting with the essence of all intelligence and beings. In animated activation, you will bring the new energy vibration into your sleeping body like an electrical charge, and explore your own multidimensionality.

Activate the Chrome code.

Chromium is an element in the Earth’s crust that is extremely hard, highly resistant, with specular reflection, magnetic, metallic, chromatic, enigmatic, dynamic. 

Known for its resistance, reflectiveness, protectiveness, groundedness, heaviness, coolness, non corrosiveness, and durability.

To activate the Chrome Code in your dna, 

set the intention -  

I become like liquid chrome - 

In this body, of spectral reflections, in my chromatic ways, I contain the potential to become anyone and anything, to warp and bend in any direction, and collapse time and space.

Bend Folding Shape Shifting 

Warp Curving 


Twist Flexing Stretch Folding 

Turn Bending 



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