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Chrome Code



Chrome Code is an audio-visual journey in a post-club context, exploring the architectures of code and body in hybrid visual environments in the Metaverse.

Chrome Code aims to bring awareness to how our reality is codified and how to awaken different (sensory) codes in our multidimensional DNA. The project consists of animations, artworks and genre-bending sounds.

The project inspired by meditative bilocation techniques and ancient impossibility motives, which are healing agents and codes.


Impossibility motives are used to codify our perception of reality to reclaim the IMPOSSIBLE - bringing to life that which defies common sense - all considered to be unreal, unseen, unimaginable. Ancient way to alchemizing new hybrid states - between organic and synthetic, in the emergence of the infinitely finite organic cyborgs, avatars, and posthumans on the clubby precipice of the Metaverse.

“Dissolve in Nothing, to Emerge in Everything.

A Formless Form, I begin Forming the Formless.

Submerge in Nothing, to Emerge in Everything.”

Impossibility motives (also - holy paradoxes)  -  appear in sacred traditions as healing / transformative agents - call us to reawaken our multidimensional awareness as if living in the synthetic version of the M.C.Esher image. Impossibilities are Code for the alchemical term “the marriage of opposites” - unifying inner contradictions in the pursuit of Oneness.

Impossibilities are considered healing, as they force us to reinterpret our senses, and our sense of being in the world, by confronting us with elusiveness of reality, and making us humble in the face of many perspectives. As they present many simultaneous timelines we are forced to relinquish the logical mind, and catch a glimpse beyond the veil of reality as we know it. They are used in transformative rhetorics (verbal folk magic), and in visual artistry throughout history, and related to miracle mindedness. Impossibility is a kind of spell - wielding mysterious power, a sympathetic magic, that humans share with the non-human world as nature presents many illusory tricks.

Why reclaim impossibilities?

Shadow work, alchemy, magick, psychotherapy - all aim at bringing light into the shadows - part of ourselves we disowned because it seemingly contradicts the image we aim to project into the world. Impossibilities evoke our dualities and multiplicities, which are key to regeneration and growth, to evolution of consciousness, and the all-encompassing transformation and new embodiments.

Chrome Code visual artworks are made based on principles of impossibility objects/visual singularity, and a result of experimenting with mirrors, poses, and angles in collaboration with Rik Versteeg. Capturing visual singularity / impossible objects, that are objects that do not exist in reality - but reclaim the symbolical reality of human contradictions. 

In the all-encompassing simulation, all is mind-made, bodies are botched up, augmented, remodelled in a constant state of metamorphosis. This is a state of deterministic chaos - an image capturing multiple realities intertwine.

The audio-visual journey Chrome Code is an invitation to activate the Chrome Code with a collection of visual & sonic spells in the ether of genre-bending clubby hiphop production with metallic flair, in a maze of avatars, geometric impossibilities, and organic cyborgs. 

Chrome Code is released as an extended video journey on a dedicated website with artworks and 3D animations, combining bilocation meditation techniques, guided imagery, spells and lyrics. 

The soundtracks include: Butterfly FX, Surrender, Invincible Mantra, Chrome Code, Return to Origins. 

𝗖𝗛𝗥𝗢𝗠𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗗𝗘 is generously supported by Droom & Daad.


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