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Chrome Code is an audio-visual project reclaiming the multidimensional post-human consciousness in the post-club context.


This durational audio-visual journey is a collection of genre-bending sounds and animated visuals, bringing awareness to how our reality is codified and how to awaken different (sensory) codes in our multidimensional DNA in order to establish a connection with our hybrid environment full of avatars and AIs.


Activating the Chrome Code, is a bilocation tehnique to embody the Chrome body, the body containing multitudes. Combining bilocation tehniques and impossibility motives in visual and lyrical language,

Chrome Code sets to awaken & embrace the paradoxical posthuman nature.


Chrome Code contains:


Chrome Code Activation portal - 10 min bilocation meditation


Invincible Mantra


Butterfly FX music video


Chrome Code - Return to origins


Chrome Code music video


Surrender music video




Supported by Droom&Daad.

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